Cacao beans sourced from only one particular region carry with them a more distinctive and pronounced taste.

Malagos Chocolate is made from single-origin cacao beans grown on our farms in the foothills of Mt. Talomo in the Davao region of the Philippines’s Mindanao island. It is chocolate harvested from carefully nurtured trees and processed without the stain of child labor.


We observe fair trade to make sure everyone benefits from what we believe is one of the best chocolates in the world.


Here’s a snapshot of how we make our chocolates from TREE to BAR.

 Tree-To-Bar processing of Malagos Chocolate.


 Our Certifications 

Malagos Chocolate’s cacao farm – Puentespina Farm
(cacao nursery and budwood garden)


(1)   GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) – certified by Philippine Department of Agriculture.

(2)   Philippine Bureau of Plant Industry and the National Seeds Council – certified. 


Malagos Chocolate Factory


(1)   GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – certified by the Philippine Food & Drugs Administration.

(2)   Philippine FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) – registered as food manufacturer.

(3)   Philippine CPR (Certificate of Product Registration) – registered for all our products.

(4)   USFDA (United States Food & Drugs Administration) –  registered.

(5)   HALAL – certified by the Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines, Inc (IDCP).

(6)   HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) – certified by TÜV SÜD PSB Philippines Inc. It’s a Food Safety Management System to ensure that the chocolates produced in our factory are safe. 


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