50TH Asean Summit Puts Spotlight on Philippine Chocolates

Malagos Chocolate’s ASEAN box becomes the souvenir of choice from the Philippines...



When the Philippines put its best foot forward as the host of the 50th ASEAN Summit in Manila last November 2017, one of the ways it did so was to give the ASEAN spouses a souvenir that represented the best of the Philippines.

The spouses of the ASEAN leaders received limited-edition gift boxes containing chocolates from Malagos Chocolate. The gift was a selection of Madam Honeylet Avancena, as a token to her counterparts among the ASEAN spouses.

This comes shortly after the beans from Malagos Chocolate's cacao farm - Puentespina Farm was named one of the Best 50 in the World, a recognition given to it at the 2017 Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France.

The award, given by the Cocoa Excellence Programme, recognizes quality, flavor and diversity. The award emphasizes not only the importance of quality production but also the benefits to be derived from promoting genetic diversity and preserving know-how in the production of cocoa.

The ASEAN gift box sold out shortly after it was announced as the souvenir of choice for the ASEAN spouses. It contained a selection of Malagos Chocolates’ award-winning products, namely the 65% Dark Chocolate bar, 72% Dark Chocolate bar, the 85% Dark Chocolate bar, and the multi-awarded Premium Unsweetened Chocolate. Combined, the chocolates contained in the ASEAN gift box have been the recipient of nine international and two local awards.

The Philippines, as the ASEAN’s host country could not have chosen a more fitting souvenir.

As the ten ASEAN member-countries work toward achieving a common vision of growth through economic, political, social and cultural cooperation, Malagos Chocolates represents the vast potential of the region to become a major player in the international scene.

In the process of winning the distinction, Malagos Chocolate's cacao beans  underwent a preliminary physical quality evaluation, besting more than a hundred contenders from 40 countries.

After passing this level, its beans were carefully processed into liquor and untempered chocolate for a blind sensory evaluation by a panel of international experts. Following this rigorous examination, only 50 were selected for processing into tempered and moulded chocolate for sensory evaluation of a broader panel of experts.

Malagos Chocolates prides itself in being a single-origin chocolate, its production being tree-to-bar and sourced only from the cacao trees grown in the southern Philippine province of Davao. The award is particularly significant because the focus is on the bean itself.

Malagos operates a 70-hectare farm and employs around 100 farmers. It also sources wet cacao beans from neighboring farms to promote sustainability in the community. In addition, the company built training facilities on the farm to teach good cacao growing practices.

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