We are very proud to announce that Puentespina Farm, our cacao farm, has been recognized as one of the producers of the BEST 50 BEANS IN THE WORLD. At the 2017 Edition of the Cocoa Excellence Programme in France, a total of 166 cacao bean samples were received from 40 countries, and our farm was among those selected for this valuable recognition. The focus of the evaluation is on the bean quality itself, which makes this achievement all the more significant.

This recognition is a huge accomplishment for the cacao industry, as it demonstrates that Philippine beans can compete with those from other top-producing cacao-growing countries. Mabuhay ang magsasakang Pilipino!

The BEST 50 BEAN SAMPLES were processed into chocolates by the international technical committee and celebrated at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris from October 28th to November 1st.

The Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) Programme is the entry point for cocoa producers to participate in the International Cocoa Awards (ICA), a global competition that recognizes the work of cocoa farmers and celebrates the diversity of cocoa flavors.

To see the full list of the best 50 samples, please visit https://www.cocoaofexcellence.org/-the-best-50-samples-2017/. Our farm is on page 25.

To learn more about the Cocoa Excellence Programme, visit http://www.cocoaofexcellence.org/about-us.

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