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New! Malagos Cacao JuicešŸ„¤

New! Malagos Cacao JuicešŸ„¤

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A unique, refreshing tropical drink with hints of guyabano, mango, and red fruits.Ā  This concoction is freshly made in our factory by collecting the juices during the breaking of cacao pods. The scooped out beans are placed in a special container to allow it to drip naturally. The collected juices are then pasteurized and bottled ready to be enjoyed by you! This is the perfect addition to your favorite iced cocktails, food dishes or desserts.Ā Best servedĀ chilled.Ā 

Limited quantity only.Ā 

Ingredients: water, cacao juice concentrate, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid.Ā 

350 ml / bottle

Set of three (3) or six (6) bottles. Ā 


Details here.


Store chocolates in a clean, dry, slightly cool, and odorless place like a pantry cabinetĀ Ā (18Ā° to maximum 22Ā°C). Keep them away from heat and light. Do not store them in the fridge / refrigerator / chiller as sudden change in temperature will change their appearance (i.e., whitish coating). This phenomenon is called 'bloom'ā€”fat and/or sugar crystals rise to the surface of the chocolates. Chocolates that have 'bloomed' are still edible.


We have two (2) options:

Door-to-door delivery (except Sundays and holidays)Ā 
Processing and delivery upon receipt of payment:
- Metro Manila and Davao: 2-3 working days.Ā 
- Outside Metro Manila and Davao:Ā Contact us.

In-store pickup schedule (except Sundays and holidays)Ā 
- Paid orders before 12noon: same day between 2pm-5pm.Ā 
- Paid orders after 12noon: next working day between 10am-5pm.Ā 
- Contact persons: Marlon / Gina 09175612192 or Mylene 09175612194, 02 89299310.Ā 
- Satellite office address: Cedar Hills Garden Center #57 Mother Ignacia St. Brgy. Paligsahan Quezon City 1108.

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